Stuff and more stuff.

Today stuff happened:

  • In the library there was a talk about WWI they had some stuff made by the same people who did the props for the movie Warhorse! So the grenades were heavy and they had old gas masks that make you look like a snowman because they’re basically one giant, white, ovenglove with a red rubber nose and glass eyeholes. They let us try on the soldier uniform as well. I went because:  a) I’m interested in history and b) the teachers kept saying that it would be interesting for boys, so I was standing up for women’s rights.
  • This evening we had house matches. Boudicca won. I’ve heard people say that they cheerded until they were hoarse, well this is what happens when you cheer after you’re hoarse. Twice my body tried to reject my vocal cords and vomit them up! (Sorry if you’re squeamish.)
  • Mr Fairgrass gave us back our desert island diaries. I put my blood and sweat into that diarym (not really, the pages would get soggy!) Not only was mine the only one he failed to mark, but he told us that we had to write it out again, the same words, in the same book, except with no mistakes!



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