Funny French!

Mr Sophos is a cool teacher, however, he has this idea that the best way to teach us French is to speak it fluently to us first and then teach it to us. But he is cool and today something really funny happened in his class…

Halfway through French he needed the loo, as he went out he jokingly said “Hey, if anyone wants to go to loo now, I can’t stop them.”

In the English to Sophos dictionary, that reads:

“If anyone asks to go to the loo after I come back, it would be hypocritical to stop them.”

But in the English to Kids dictionary it read:

“While I’m gone anyone who needs the loo can just get up and go!”

So Lily stood up and said “Hey lets all go!” and half of the girls get up with her, including me (I actually had to go) I went through the corridors to get to the toilets, but the others went through the playground, and PASSED MR SOPHOS!!! So hilarious 😀 !

LOL ROFL & bI (bye!)


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