Day 141

We are running low on supplies. The last of the gravy has gone and we are running out of potatoes, we’ve been using the a lot recently after we finnished the last of the mashed potato mix. After Thursday we will have no eggs, I love cooking but I’m running out of ideas. Tommorow Iam doing pasta and Chinese noodles, if I make enough it should last us for days. We can’t make tinned spaggetti as it is all in the garidge and I finished the last packet of magic stars. The only plentiful food is the wild hotdogs living in the freezer, the great cupboards of cereal and the treat cupboard. Plus a few tinned foods. The only pizza we have is spicy and therefore inedible (according to the others) we have a few vegetarian meats and some simple vegetables. If it snows this week I hope it snows on Monday, as we can not make the long journey to the super- market, a land where food is plentiful and games and DVDs abound, over frozen, ice covered ground. At night the miawing and yowling of cats can be heard as they hunt for dry cereal like food. James has already lost his mind. He keeps complaining that Velcro has been using his room as a toilet, when I point out that it could be Swiss he says “But Velcro was shut in my room all day!” Honestly. Now the effort of writing is getting to much so I carve  a last SOS with my keyboard into my e-mail and stop here.

Farewell, perhaps forever…


One comment on “Day 141

  1. Mummy says:

    You’ll just have to eat the cats

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