Nanna and Grandad’s House

This is my first post about a visit to Nanna and Grandad’s so here is every second:

  1. We arrive at the house.
  2. We have lunch whilst watching The Simpsons. Lunch is a delicous mashed potato and soft boiled egg.
  3. We go to the park, this is the lesure center. We play in the playground for a while, but eventually go on the pirate ship, which is basically a soft play area with pictures of pirates on it. I am actually too old to go on it, but I am the right height. So technically I am allowed on. Saturday seems to be party day, we had to sit watching swimmers in the pool spectator area forten minutes because of a birthday party, then we went on for an hour, but we had to get out quick because, guess what… The place flooded and we had to swim for it! (Only joking actually it was a birthday party.)
  4. We go home and play ‘Ugly Guy’ upstairs (Ugly Guy is a character in a series of plays in which there are no scene changes, only one actor, and no special affects. There is however, amazing comedy.)
  5. We have pizza and chips for tea whilst watching The Simpsons, it is very good, you should watch it (right 20th century fox, that is advertising and it isn’t free, comment to name how much cash you are willing to offer.)
  6. I play snakes and ladders with Grandad. I was in the top row, only four or five squares away from victory, but somebody at the puzzle factory decided to have a ladder on 79 going up too 100. It’s a great idea, but could they please make more. My idea of the easiest snakes and ladders game would be having a massive ladder going from 1 to 100, easy right! (heh heh heh)
  7. Dad arrives, we each get some money and some sweets then we go home.

Enjoy this post,  I usually get back too late to write after visiting relatives.



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