Well, this morning I was looking forward to English and Art, but art was replaced by geography and English, well…

The teacher sorted us into new groups, I was put with Kara and a bunch of idiots.

The bunch of  idiots were silenced as the teacher stood forward to reveal that the new English subject was…

Genre! We have to look at pictures and read blurbs to help us guess the genre of a book.

So in Year 5 we read, in year 6 we wrote and in year 7 they’re teaching us to look at the pictures! I’m not joking, Mr Fairgrass actually showed us pictures of people hugging and skeletons and dragons and asked us to tell him what genre they were! (By the way Genre is the category a book goes into eg. detective, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy ect.) We  did this all last year, only difference was: We wrote story in the genres!!!

Still maybe I’m being too harsh, perhaps next lesson will reveal some writing, but I don’t think so.

The thing is, to get me bored in an English lesson that isn’t spelling or grammar is hard, last year I was in the top group, always bieng singled out to do writing excersizes or go to poetry workshops, but now I don’t even get complimented. The thing is I know I’m good, I have past evidence to prove it, maybe when we get our books back my talent will have been recognised.

On the plus side, tommorow is the meeting of the school council, I will never stop fighting for polo shirts!



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