Today was fun, we went to the pirate ship after a breakfast of spaghetti on toast, when we got back we had hotdogs, then I had chinese, whilst the boys had pizza and chips.

Mum was away in Milton Keynes.

Tomorrow I go back to school, I have a big problem.

My maths homework was to:

  1. Measure the bottom floor of my house with a tape measure or metre stick.
  2. Measure the outside of my house with said tape measure or metre stick. (I think).
  3. Draw a scale diagram of the house where each metre = a weird measurement that I can’t remember.

Here are the problems in order:

  1. We don’t seem to have a tape measure or a metre stick, I’m not saying that we don’t have a tape measure (we definitely don’t have a metre stick, in fact I think that metre sticks are only used by maths teachers) there is probably a tape measure somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.
  2. I live in a converted bungalow, therefore rooms such as: My bedroom, James’s bedroom, Henry’s bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom the hallway (it’s got four walls and a ceiling therefore it is a room, we are also privelidged enoughto have a floor in our hallway!), the bathroom and the living room are downstairs, whereas rooms like the upstairs toilet and shower, the top of the stairs (in some houses it may be called the landing, but if there’s room for a desk, an airing cupboard and a chest of drawers up there then it’s a room), Mum and Dad’s bedroom and the two attics are upstairs (it’s probably a good thing that we don’t have to measure the attics, I’m pretty certain that if you get to close to the edges you can fall into the garden.) But so many groundfloor rooms make it difficult to measure.
  3. It has rained a lot. Does my teacher really expect me to crawl through mud and wind around bushes and trees like a cat or a snake?!!
  4. I have lost the instructions for this project, it seems that they aren’t posted on the website either, so I’m pretty much stumped.

I have two choices:

  1. Guess the lenghth of a metre and pretend that I live in a small square house, rather than a larger chocky one. Pros: If right, no trouble, Cons: Getting it wrong could mean that people think I either live in a mansion or a cupboard.
  2. Tell the truth. Pros: It could be good for my political image, and I may not get into trouble. Cons: I may back down at the last minute, or get a refferal, or a detention.

On the plus side standing up for yourself and other people is one of the things I admire in a person and in myself.



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