Boom! Cabang! Splatasplatasplatatatataaa!

Today was bonfire night aka fireworks night, aka Guy Fawkes day aka that day with when we let off the fireworks for all you real weirdos.

So the day of the bangs is upon us, it’s weird the way it isn’t celebrated much in shops, I mean Halloween is like Christmas come early for a shopping centre, but the world-wide festival of fireworks, barbecue food, matches, woolies and soup. Yet you never get special isles in ASDA with all these things, and one of those puzzles on the floor with stuff like”Your leg was badly burnt by a spark from a fountain, hop to the next square.” or “Don’t forget to hold your arms out as if you’re holding a sparkler and don’t want your chest fried!”

I’ll never understand shops, one time Mum went to buy some last minute food just before christmas, and came back saying that the christmas trees had been taken down. Honestly!

So anyway, Bonfire night is great, but a few small animals can get scared and no I’m not talking about the cats, who handled the whole thing in a mature and safe manner, no, it was Henry who cowered at the back of the room!

James teased him loads. Until I recalled the time when he’d been outside when a firework went off and had dived under the garden bench. If you ask me, I think that the school have been talking to Henry about the horrors of fireworks, that’s why he’s scared.

Please comment and say about your bonfire nights, bye!


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