Cooking, cooking, glorious cooking!

Today, to go with the chocolate fudge cake, I made a choc-chip sponge cake, using sponge-mix and some chocolate I found in the cupboard (sorry Dad!) And (bad grammar) sorry Nanna and Grandad! They don’t get any. I’ve iced fireworks and put two candles on it, the rest has sugar on it. We shall eat it on Bonfire Night (aka. Guy Fawkes Day or Fireworks Night.)

tomorrow, rather than eating Nanna’s famous mashed potatoes and egg, instead we’ll be eating my famous Welsh Rarebit (and that’s rarebit, not rabbit! Just so you know.) I’m hoping to do a lot more cooking tomorrow.

We did the ultimate hide and seek tonight.

Every night Grandad plays this game of hide and seek, wining hiding places include:

  • My winning place: Crouched behind the sofa arm at the back of the living room.
  • My winning hiding place: Behind the curtains in my room (it’s the best room in the house for it, it’s got one of the widest window sills.)
  • My winning hiding place: In the cupboard under the stairs, with the door locked. (This one is difficult to execute, it has to be just perfect. If the door’s unlocked he’ll notice straight away and catch you, but if you get someone o lock the door for you he thinks “Nobody can get in there it’s locked from the inside.”)
  • And My winning hiding place (as you may have guessed I won a lot, other people won as well, but you’ve come to this blog for one reason, to hear about me. Why should I bore you with stuff about everybody else?): In plain sight. That’s right. Get a book, sit on the sofa, and when he says “Are you having a bit of a read now?” answer truthfully “Yes.” After all, you are reading, your just also playing hide and seek.

Clever eh?



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