Hi Mum, Hi Dad, and a big hello to everybody else!

Right, here’s some stuff that I will mention for the benefit of Mum and Dad:

Nanna has asked me to mention that Grandad was hoovering earlier today. Velcro was at the fish food again, she goes mad for it! She rips at the bags with her razor sharp claws, and knocks the tubs off the wardrobe to try and break them open. She was also lapping up the meat-gravy that Nanna and Grandad made (as opposed to the vegetable gravy that me and my all vegetarian family make. We should maybe try and add more actual meat or fish to her diet. It’s interesting because none of the other cats care about fishfood or anything like that. It must be just taste, or perhaps Siamese cats just like fish more, they do come from Thialand, I think there are a lot of fish  there.

Also we watched the first Madagascar film today, I spoke to Velcro about it, because I thought she might find all the stuff about Predator insticts interesting.

We also made a massive chocolate sponge cake, and hopefully there will be some left for Mum and Dad.

I hope this has been informative for all of you (who am I kidding?! This way I don’t have to fight for airspace with the brothers when reporting back to the parents!)




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