Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Today Aunty Carrie and Grandad came to visit. Normally for Halloween we go out the front door and go in the back, as trick or treating is not allowed in our village. This time we had a carefully formed plan:

  1. James and Henry change into their costumes while I go and tell Mum to distract the relatives.
  2. Mum gets Aunty Carrie and Grandad upstairs to show them something on her computer (I suggested Simon’s Cat.)
  3. We sneak out of the house through the back door, enter the utility room and knock on the front door. We then hide behind the big flower boxes either side of the door.
  4. Aunty Carrie and Grandad answer the door with my parents. But there seems to be no one there.
  5. We jump out and give them the fright of their lives (except Mum and Dad who’ll know what’s going on.)

Sadly that’s not what happened, here are a few things that went wrong.

  • Mum and Dad were busy so the brothers spent ages locked in James’s bedroom, unable to exit because they’d be seen wearing their costumes.
  • When she was finally ready Mum must have misunderstood my instructions. Rather than showing them something on her computer, upstairs, she kept them talking in the dining room. The front door and the back door can be seen from the dining room with the door open.
  • The weather decided to bucket down just to spite us, after a whole day of me bieng the only person going out side to look for a substituite for a broom stick it had to rain when we needed it to be dry.

Scurrying around like trapped rats we had few options.

  1. Go out the patio door. Pros, at least we’re outside. Cons, we’re unable to take torches, coats or even shoes.
  2. Try and sneak past the relatives. Pros, if it works the plan will go off reletively fine. Cons, if we’re seen the whole trick is ruined.
  3. Enlist Dad’s help.

In the end we chose 3 Dad chose to help us with 2. Under the pretence of going to get the headtorch, and shutting the door to prevent a draft Dad let us out into the utility room. We crouched by the door and listened for the sounds of Dad getting Mum away. Then I rapped hard on the door with my knuckles, several times.

Aunty Carrie and Grandad opened the door and we leapt out shouting: Rargh!

What did you do for Halloween? Please comment.

Whoooo! Bye! Whoooo!


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