Today we went to see Madagascar 3 in the cinema! It had jokes for adults and kids and great graphics! Dad even stayed awake for the whole show. My  favourite was the penguins, but I won’t say any more for fear of ruining the plot.

We also went on a short trip to the dentist, BUT…

  1. Dad takes James to the dentist.
  2. Dad realises that we’re actually all supposed to be going to the dentist.
  3. We go to the dentist.
  4. Dad decideds that we might as well pick up some brushes to decorate the windows withwhile we’re there.
  5. We get the brushes.
  6. Dad decides that we might as well go to pick up his shoes while we’re out.
  7. W go to pick up Dad’s shoes.
  8. We think it would be fun to visit the second handshop and buy hundreds of books and 2 videos (monsters inc = pretty cool Joseph King of dreams = spectacular!)

All this was great, way better than yesterdays snooze fest (esspecially the second hand shop!) But one bad thing became of it.

Dad thought: We can’t get a take-away Mum will have something ready by the time we get back.

While Mum thought: Dad must be getting them a takeaway as they’ve been out so long, it took one and a half fried egg sandwiches and a packet of magic stars to satisfy my hunger pangs,

but other than that, a wonderful day!!!


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