The dinosaur take over.

Nothing much happened today . . .

After the dinosaur strolled down the road almost crushing the car, and the wooly mammoth battled with it right next to our house. The fur and scales flew, but eventually, they decided to call it a draw, shook aposable parts of their anatomy and played tag on the field opposite after they vaulted the hedge and chased away a few stray cows.

We went to the pirate ship, teradactyls soared above, we fed them bits of bread. The cats love all these dinosaurs, ever since scientists figured out how to make wooly mammoths they couldn’t stop, they’ve created a species of intelligent, domestic, herbiverous dinosaurs, thoughthey can be a bit of a safety hazard with those massive feet. I spoke to the T-rex who was playing with the mammoth, apparently his name is Raplurg and he and the other dinosaurs are working on building a seperate civilisation on Mars. It’s a bit embarrasing really, they’re already ahead of us in science, literature and technology, they’ve already invented a superfast rocket that funs on carbon dioxide and is capable of making it to the moon in ten minutes. We’ve been alive 1.9 million years 350 days longer than them, but two weeks on earth and they crack the secrets of time travel.

It’s almost annoying!

PS The whole of this post is a lie (though we did go to the pirate ship.)

Bye (again!)


2 comments on “The dinosaur take over.

  1. Sorry about this, but saying that I watched telly all day, cooked lunch, helped make tea and stayed at the pirate ship until dark would be kinda boring, especially as we’ll probably do the same thing tommorow.

  2. Mummy says:

    I hope you can see how important it is that you did go to the pirate ship (otherwise the statement that the whole of this post is a lie would be true and so the whole of the post would not be a lie and you’d have told the truth about lying) 🙂

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