So Cuuuuute!!!

Have you ever wondered why human biengs love all animals? It doesn’t seem to matter if they have claws or visible fangs, we love them! I went to the zoo today and saw hundreds of animals and a lot of them were adorable! I mean, have you ever seen an animal at the zoo and thought, ” I want one of those!”

Instincts are generally our best guide, if you feel wary about giving it a cuddle, then it’s probably dangerous, or at least slightly less domestic. Say the coait’s, look like a cross between, a cat, a lemur and a pig. Pig snout + cat head and body + lemur tail = coati! I was desperate to hug one. Then there were the actual lemurs, monkey + bushy, stripy tail + and face like a Siamese cat = lemur! I was desperate to hug one, though this time instinct kicked in, after all, you could see it’s fangs sticking out from under it’s top lip, but it was cute!

Or, cutest of all, the LION CUBS (and if you don’t know what a lion is, you need to get out more) adorable! Who cares if they have claws the size of my index finger, or teeth five times the size of mine, who cares if their parents will see me as either a quick snack, or a hungry cub eating monster and rip me to bits? I still want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me, have you ever experinced this, you can get it with photos and drawings too.




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