We are pumpkin family!

Me and James made two more (full size) pumpkins. James made a man with a moustache, and I made a woman with eye lashes, lips and ears with earrings. Put ’em with my one toothed babykin and you have:  A Pumpkin Family!

We finnally found the matches (well, I found them) and the candles, so it’s officially pumpkin city round here. Now all I need to do is find my costume, I normally wear:

My Welsh hat (it’s black and almost pointy)

This purple and black dress covered with fake spiders

My school shoes (hey, they’re black!)

And my witch mask, it looks like real skin and is all wrinkly, sadly I seem to have lost it, luckily I’ve got two days at home to find it, Wish me luck!


PS We also went to the strawberry line on bikes!


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