The whole world hates my cakes!

A lot of cakes sold, but the no-rasin one sold less, one reason, my group SABOTAGED me!!!

Here’s how:

  1. The two boys ‘forgot’ to take in my cakes.
  2. YThe two boys refused to sell my cakes and insisted that they hide them.
  3. When at last I was sellin Marty was sabotaging, I wasn’t allowed to display my cakes, I had to keep them piled, unceromoniously, in a box.
  4. Marty kept trying to hide them, and actually told Mr. Fairgrass that they were burnt.

She had some wierd ideas about sales tactics as well, here’s Marty’s top tips for selling a product.


  • Call out good things about your product.
  • Offer customers a choice of flavour before they’ve actually asked for a cake, it’s wrong to force them, (Note, does Marty understand the concept of advertising?)
  • Go up to people.


  • Be truthful, tell your customers good and bad.
  • Tell your mates that the other person is scaring people off with sales tactics (these people might have had MONEY!)
  • Leave halfway through the stall, come back later, only to be told to go away again as you were not missed.

Even worse, a boy in my group binned my cakes!!! I was going to sell one to Mr Basil, but when he asked about it during assembly I had to tell him that he couldn’t have one because a member of my group threw them away. It’s a shame because, contrary to popular belief, some people loved my cakes. I like them, and my Dad seems to LOVE them, maybe it’s in the genes.

Oh well.


PS, has anyone noticed that many films on youtube make fun of films and video games (PBG and HISHEdotcom, are a few channels that do this.) What about books? I’m working on creating a youtube program about book fun bits. Problem is I lack all technology used to complete the task except a computer, but I’ll see how it goes.


One comment on “The whole world hates my cakes!

  1. 123, it goes up, I probably won’t do this again until 150 now.

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