Well done, NOT burnt!

Mum came home today, she’d been away all week but she knew all the stuff that had been happening because of this blog. Today we made the cakes. They turned out 90% rasins, sultanas and choc chips and only 10% dough, we came across a few problems, so here are instructions for Somersetschoolgirl’s disaster cake!

You will need:

Some stuff.


  1. Beat the butter and sugar to a cream.
  2. Mix the treacle, milk and baking powder and microwave it to create a coffee-like mixture.
  3. Have Mrs Browne intefere and get annoyed because you didn’t measure the flour.
  4. Ask your team-mate what moisten means.
  5. Discover that neither of you know how to ‘moisten’ the flour, so just pour the water in gradually making a strange dough.
  6. Worry, so when in doubt pour on rasins, sultanas and choc chips.
  7. Mix frantically.
  8. Have another member of your team ask the teacher for cupcake casing and have the teacher talk pointedly to that member saying that “Maybe next time you should have someone going to the market who knows what to buy”.
  9. Defend yourself by saying that Marty (yet another member) said that she could bring the cases in.
  10. Have the headmistress come by just when you’re scooping franticly into the cases.
  11. Answer any questions with lies, such as “we’re fine” “it’s all going to plan.
  12. Listen to teacher and head disscuss your lack of planning.
  13. Put cakes in oven.
  14. Go around asking what 150 divided by 12 is (I was trying to work out how long to cook them.
  15. Keep checking the oven, cook until told that the oven smells slightly burnt.
  16. Bring out okay cakes and be told by several people that they’re rubbish because the rasinshave carbonized.
  17. Leave to cool.
  18. Have rest of group beg you to trash them and eventually reach a compromise.
  19. Forget to tell other girl how long to cook them, cross fingers that it goes OK.
  20. Eat and sell them!!!

The evil boys are getting worse, Tom and Bob came up to our stall and kept asking for ‘burned cakes’ eventually I retaliated by asking for red sick from their strawberry smoothie stall, now their twisted version of the story shows ne smacking Bob in the eye (it was an accident that ironically happened as I said to a boy holding a massive stick that we were using as a sign post “poke him in the eye!” I assure you that it was purely accidental.) and then coming over, unprovoked, and insulting their product, oh well.

Tommorow I have got to make sure my stall is as far away from Bob’s as possible, I have told my group that it doesn’t matter to me, as their leadder’ if they don’t sell all our cakes, just as long as we make more money than them! (Pointing at Bob’s table!) I wouldn’t put a bit of slight sabotage past them!



One comment on “Well done, NOT burnt!

  1. D Fox says:

    This is really funny! I’ve been dipping into and out of your blog since you commented on Never Seconds – you writte really well. Please keep it up.

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