Hey, just a second!

The government have discovered that TB is bieng spread to cows by badgers, what are they gonna do? KILL THEM!!! That’s right, badgers should be killed.

Look at this photo:

These cows live side by side in order to act like a wall against disease. No germ could get past that!

and this one:

This cow is eating what looks like manure, he’s so discusting, he scares the germs away!!!

Perfectly hiegienic conditions, yet they still die.

Next let’s look at what’s bieng destroyed:

Yes, these people care about cows, true they prefer them to look like this:

or this:

or this:

or this:

but they don’t mind when they look like this:

they can easily change them into one of the others.

All that’s standing in their way is this:

Even looking at it makes me sick, they are costing us our most precious possesion, MONEY!£!£!£ (or if you’re American !$!$!$)

Here’s how:

We have to kill cows!  Even cows like this Shambo the sacred cow, who were in no pain and lived away from other cattle and therefore could NEVER pass on the disease had to be killed because of petty rules and technicalities, because of THEM!

We need to kill 70% of them because cows were dying, and if we didn’t blame badgers WE MIGHT GET BLAMED! But again we’re foiled, they pretended that there were less of them, and suddenly reproduced like evil rabbits!!!!

Kill them! Kill them all! And definetly don’t click this link:



For my less intelligent readers I’ll say it clearly :

I’m against the cull, and you should click on the link.


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