Working in the world of the cupcake industry

Today PELTS week started. Our class is making and selling food. My group is making ‘Country Cupcakes’ it’s actually Hunt Cake, but we decided not to call them that, in the days when people ate Hunt cake you heard about hunting, the sport of kings! Now you hear about hunting, a cruel, pointless, blood sport! So to avoid all those PC people out there we called them ‘Country Cupcakes’. We’re making little baskets for packaging, and we’re going to decorate our stall with a green table-cloth and some of my toy animals, and some of my other plastic ones, and James’s duplo animals. It should be really cool! tomorrow the two boys are going to Sheppy Cider Farm, and on Wednesday Marty’s going to Yeo Valle and I’m going to Wells market to buy ingredients!

Boys insist on singing to me, just to ruin my social life, I can tell because if a boy likes you:

If you say you hate him he’d look slightly hurt.

If you punched him he’d look crushed.

Whereas a boy just faking to make others laugh:

Continues the more you punch or insult him.


PS I bought a small pumpkin to carve, it’ll be like a baby jack-o-lantern, cute!



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