Jelly on a plate, jelly on a plate! Bouncy balls, emergencies and jelly on a plate!

Jelly on a plate

I made Rasberry Jelly with crystals and boiling water. It took ages to get cool enough to go in the fridge, I chilled it off, had a bit and it tasted pretty delicious, unfortunately it began to heat up after a while and it actually started to turn back into liquid! I might have t re-freeze it tommorow…

Bouncy Balls

They came in a kit. I had one a bit like that before, Dad decided to demonstrate it before I was allowed to have a go, he followed the instructions while I watched. Then we discovered that there was only one set of mixture, Dad’s ‘demonstration’ had used it all up. I like to think of todaysa bouncing ball as proof that I can’t be beaten.


Tea was late, I yelled out to Mum that we were hungry and she said that the chips were in all I needed to do was heat up a pizza, but the chips were burnt and there was no sign of a pizza, Mum was just about to make egg and chips when I had an idea! We made pizza with bases, sause and cheese. My genius saved the day!



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