Sore throats, youth clubs and unrecognized talent:

I discovered why my throat’s been itching, I’ve got a really bad sore throat.  Meanwhile my talents are going unrecognized !!!!!!!!!!!! During PE the class was split in half and each group was told to come up with a gymnastics routine. What happens if you put aproximatley 14 kids together without a solid leadre and tell them to do something? It never gets done. The group was like a pile of gunpowder, and I was the one who set it off! It was difficult though, kids were:

  • Laying out mats (the good ones did this).
  • Chatting about their skills (the gymnastics club ones did this).
  • Mucking about (everyone else did this).
  • Trying to get someones attention so that the mats could be moved to the bench (I did this, so of course, nobody listened.)

Eventually I was  reminded of the old saying:

If the mats won’t come to the bench, the bench must come to the mats”

I dragged the bench across. Imediatley people were organized and we were a quatre of the way through our routine nobody thanked me. When we were picking a leader I said that I should be picked because my one idea really worked out. Nobody cared. Oh well…

In groups no one listens to my ideas, mainly because teachers often put several strong personalities together in groups. I tink that those who like to rule should be put in a group with people who like to be ruled. I’ve tried it, depending on how little these people like to do for themselves the more work they produce. I was in one group where I had to write down everybodies answers. When I grumbled to my teacher he seemed to think that I’d deliberatly done all the work (how could he?) but it’s fun.

My teacher is OK, but me and him have different opinions.

I think that a great way to beat bullies is to fight back.

He thinks that you should report what is happening to an adult you trust (teachers kow nothing, adult you trust came after parents and teachers. I understand the parents, but how many kids trust their teacher that much!)

I think that groups fall apart without a strong leader.

He agrees with me but has misjudged. I have been in groups that ave fallen appart as strong personalities fight to be leader, and I’ve watched as another group with a leader triumphs. He seems to think I want  a dictatorship. He always says these exact words: “Yes a leader is good if they take everyone elses ideas into acount rather thsn just dictating their own (as if I would-well maybe a little but still!)

As Shakespeare said “Some people are born great, others have greatness thrust upon them.”

After school I went to youth club, it was an emergency! Laura had been talking onthe bus about the youth club fundraiser on Sunday. We got quite excited about it as I mostly stay in on Sunday anyway Laura then mentioned that she’d made a mistake and it was actually on Saturday I got conciderably less excited as we often go and visit relatives on Saturday.. Laura said that she might not be able to make it as her Mum might be busy, I casually said “You don’t need your Mum, you can come round to mine after.” I tried  to get it properly arranged, saying that I should ask my Mum and we should talk about this, but she refused to listen. I then found out that we’d be in Wales (!) visiting Nanna and Grandad tommorow, luckily I got to Laura before she made arrangements w`ith her Mum to go and stay at our (empty!) house.

Wow this is a long post bye!

PS My throat is iss getting worse and it’s unfair, I gargled salt water twice I even accidentally swallowed some, why should my throat get worse, maybe I should gargle some more…


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