Yummy welsh cakes!

I made delicous welsh cakes in DT. I’m watching VIP people at the momment. It’s annoying because I can’t really see a child in this show without feeling slightly jealous, why? Because I’m quite a good actor and singer, it almost seems a waste of talent to not be one, but I’m actually even better at writing, seriously here’s a fantasy world of the top of my head:

The ocean blue skyfloated above the crystal waters, sparkling like a billion stars were buried beneath it. The clouds lay suspended in between, floating on the distant horizon. One of them shifted slightly and she realised that it was alive. It flew closer until it came to rest on the ground next to her, stepping on the wild blue roses and bright red buttercups, but it seemed to just fold them over rather than crush them as when its feet moved the delicate floweres sprang back up again. It shifted its hooves and blinked its eyes shyly, fluttering its long eyelashes. Its mane flowed like whipped cream down its neck, ruffling int he wind. Its long tail flew out behind it in a long wave, white like the foam on the salty sea behind them. It looked like any other horse, but as she turned to go something sparkled in the sunlight, for more precious than any gold, more ancient than any stone, brighter than any star sat the sharp pointed horn of the unicorn…

Good eh, the problem with me is my imagination is too strong. I should know that going out walking in a place where fossils have neen found isn’t going to make me the proud owner of a complete skeleton of the missing link, but I still look. I also knoow that realisticly, the career of an actress is easily destroyed, mere ageing can be a problem, whereas I’m set up for live if I become an author and what a life! Spending my days doing whatever I want, safe in the knowledge that I just have to write for a living, being worshipped by millions of fans (hey, it could happen! Look at Jacueline Wilson.) Speaking of English, my teacher is strange. The only people who mark our books are other people, and when he chose groups for us he put my in with an idiot. The other kids were fine, just asked me to kindly write out a script, but I actually have to spend next lesson dumbing things down just for him! Maybe he can be another survivor, the one so traumatised that he doesn’t speak much! Ahhh writing, I’ve been doing the illustrations for my book, it may be out soon, keep your eyes peeled!


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