The strain of school life.

I spent most of today worrying about some homework sheet or other and bieng told that I am late every day. One thing different. I decided to add to my stress by bringing my kindle to school. I did this for several reasons:

  1. I love reading, almost every day on this blog I have had a different book. A kindle is like a whole armful of books.
  2. I was in a rush and didn’t have time to spend hours searching for different books.
  3. People with nothing better to do often snatch my books away, I have often worried about the stress on the spine of a book. I once even had to get the teacher to anounce that the book in  question belonged to the school, and therefore there was no point in shredding it. I thought that the cost of a new kindle would prevent such attacks.

But it went wrong. I had a great day, but here are a few things tat could have improved:

  1. I had to constantly guard it from falls and water. It was a wet day too.
  2. People kept coming up tome telling me that electronic gedgets aren”t allowed in school. I was constantly having to tell them that the reasssssson electronic gadgets aren’t allowed is because teachers are worried that it will make noises in the middle of lessons, and you’ll spend most of your time playing games on it. You can’t play games on a kindle, and it is exceedingly difficult to get it to make any noise at all. (By the way, by people I mean other students, the teachers agreed with me when I said that it was just a book. The teacher only mentioned it because some people decided to tell. Oh, for the days mentioned in story books, when students concidered it a point of honour not to ‘dob’, ‘grass’ or be a tell tale, nowadays the teachers wouldn’t notice half the thing I do if my classmates didn’t point them out!)
  3. My kindle was the plaything of my friends and enemies. People absent midedly tapped the screen causing the pages to turn as they walked by. One girl who I had concidered to be my friend stole my lunch box in order to blackmail me into giving it. I had to fight for it. I’d like to say I won, but there were two of them and they knew martial arts. It’s unfair to have an enemy lock you in a head lock while another attacks, it’s not very fair.

Luckily I have discovered a solution to all these problems. The library. The library isn’t wet, and the oly people who asked about my kindle were the sort of people who sounded like they were desperate to bring one in themselves and best of all… Everyone was busy!

Here’s the thing, in my sitting position out side (the only dry place is on the steps outside the canteen) people were just drifting by, they had nothing better to do. In the classroom eating lunch the girls were pretty much bored and their only entertainment was to stop me by the door and say that they won’t let we through until they’ve seen my kindle again, but in the library only bookworms hang out. The place is heaven for bookworms (I know bieng one myself and proud of it) nobody wants to mess about aimlessly, there are books to read and friends to meet.

Tommorow I’ll spend all my time in the library (even though it makes me late for lessons!)



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