Mount Edgecoombe (I hope I’ve spelled it right!)

Mount Edgecoombe is a place with some historic gardens. You go through a field with deer and sheep, through a gate, down a bumpy path and soon you’re in the gardens. There’s a geyser (we got a great photo of Henry next to a sign saying:




And they’ve got the best trees. Some people claim that the best climbing trees look like this:

Wrong! I have discovered that the best climbing trees look like this:

Yes, that’s right. The thing is, tree number 2 is full of branches, branches just made to sit on, and branches perfect for climbing. There used to bew this amazing climbing place near here, but it got almost completely chopped down. So now that place is the best. Also there’s the ice-cream parlour, though it’s often shut. The fake folly (great for climbing) the mini maze (though I didn’t play in it much this time) and the beach. The beach isn’t part of the gardens, which is a shame. If it were, there would be bins instead of just picnic benches, and people to clear it up. It gets more covered in rubbish every year! It’s a pebbly beach, and normally I’d try and build pebble castles and look for glass stones (if you’re interested they’re like little pebbles, except they’re cloudy and coulored either green, blue or white. They’re quite smooth.)

But I couldn’t really bring myself to touch anything, it was rubbish every square centimetre. I mean it’s not as if this beach is in the middle of nowhere, it’s next too the gardens, in a place where children are goingto be playing. Children who are young, children who might not know the difference between trash and toys. We should seriously start clearing up our beaches.

Afterwards we went to Aunty Jolene’s, it was great. On Sunday we did nothing.


PS, I’ve been making halloween decorations with my glow in the dark clay, it’s great except the white glow green, other than that perfect.


One comment on “Mount Edgecoombe (I hope I’ve spelled it right!)

  1. Sorry, again another technical glitch, these media uploads are RUBBISH!

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