Right, nothing much has been happening so here are a few things that you missed:

  1. The human piano. My group in music has created a human piano. The two other people move their fingers across the keys whilst I sing high and low, it’s got a great comic effect.
  2. Today we (class reps) had to ask our classes why they wanted polo shirts, it wasn’t enough that the techers wanted it, it wasn’t enough that the concil wanted it, it wasn’t even enough that the hundreds of people who signed my petition wanted it, they had to know why. The main reasons were comfort and convienience. If the teachers don’t agree now I’m going to organize a sit in, or more likely, I’ll get every one to wear their polo shirts instead of shirt and ties.
  3. Baby fish is getting bigger  every day.

I may think up more later, bye!




One comment on “School

  1. One, one, one! Another historic post (sorry hopefully I won’t do this again until 150)

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