Today I got to miss games…

Today I had debating club instead of games, we debated ‘could humans survive on another planet’, unfortunately I know nothing about outer space and therefore had no real opinion.

One thing that worried me, apparently somebody else, years ago made a petition about polo shirts, he got over 100 votes, but his plea was ignored. I’m going to somehow ask the office if they sent my petition off, if nessesary I may stage a protest. Wearing a shirt is horrible! Here are the statistics:

  1.  I can’t do my top button up because it’s too tight

Excuse that’ll satisfy teachers:

TEACHER: Why haven’t you got your top button done up?

STUDENT: (Mumbling) I can’t.

TEACHER:OK, just pull your tie up to make it less noticable.

Excuse that’ll satisfy classmates:

CLASSMATE: (pointing at their own, supposedly perfect uniform) Top button!

STUDENT: I can’t, it’s too tight.

CLASSMATE: (A few minutes later) Why haven’t you got your top button done up, you should have your… ect. ect.

They aren’t satisfied until you’ve magicked one up out of thin air.

Pathetic! I’ll have to ask the office!

I’ve got to learn some German now.

Lebewohl (goodbye!)



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