Polo Shirt Petition

Today I circulated my polo shirt petition. I had imagned myself standing around stopping people as theywalked by, what I didn’t count on was the fact that nobody would sign. I had almost given up, when Laura signed. After Laura there was a strange domino effect set in motion, suddenly my petition population had gone from 0 to 1000! I was surrounded by a mob and getting told off  during lessons because everybody was too busy signing to learn!!! Seriously. Duuring lunch I got loads more, though I kept losing the sheet. People would run off to get more signatures or pass it along, and though I did appreciate it, it was difficult to keep track. I think I managed to get a signature from at least four people from each year. The lady at the office seemed surprised when I handed it in. She said ‘Blimey!’ a lot and asked me if I had come up with the idea myself.

Everyone was very helpful, except one boy. He told me that the office would probably bin it and I should give it to him as he was school council (I later found out that he probably wasn’t) he then said that I should keep it safe and then on the day of the meeting he’d come and look for me. At that momment it finally clicked.

I would continue working and then on the day of the meeting I’d bring it to him, he’d hand it in and a few days later polo shirts would be back and the teachers would say: it’s all thanks to this boy!

I collected lots of signatures, there’s an assembly tommorow, perhaps they’ll mention it.

l> -/ [- (bYE.)


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