Tommorow I discover the results!!!

Right! Today I:

  • Discovered that silence and lack of chairs can damage your brain! At the end of food tech we had to spend a minute sitting in silence. Only I didn’t have a chair. 45 seconds in and I was considering shoving Lily off her chair and snatching it for myself.
  • I had an RE lesson on vegetarianism. It was really difficult, a whole lesson of people asking me if I’m a Hindu, or worst of all, arguing with me! Some people love to talk about current issues, and quite often the less they know about a subject the more they try and educate the rest of us! I had problems with one such boy, he kept trying to ell me that if you don’t eat meat you don’t grow! Do I look six inches tall?
  • I watched Wolfblood, it is seriously addictive!
  • I re-did my French homework. Mr Sophos is so picky, here are his rules:
  1. You have to use a handwriting pen. I never get this! I’m a budding author and always writing, but even I’ve never used one of those pens outside school!
  2. Never scrumple your homework up. (By the way, can anyone tell me if ‘scrumple’ is a word?
  3. Write full sentences. That’s where I went wrong.

Oh, well! Bye!


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