Clever James!

James missed the bus, and some how it’s my fault! I was apparently supposed to look after him, carry him onto the bus and strap him in! I mean, James has  a whole flock of friends who decided to wait until we reached my stop before telling me that James had missed the bus!!! I mean, honestly! They could have told me before, though I’m not sure what I could have done, the bus driver says that he’s not going to stop for people any more!


PS Sorry this post’s so short, I just started watching a new series called Wolfblood. It’s been on I player for ages, but I only just started watching it because I normally don’t like spooky stuff. But I saw a bit on telly and decided to watch it more. IT’S GREAT!

PPS My tutor was wrong, the results of the election will be given on Wednesday.

Bye again!


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