Stuff that happened.

International day went great, I came as Wales.

 I actually looked a lot like this and I was carrying the Welsh flag, though for some reason people kept telling that I was wearing Scottish national dress and carrying the Scottish flag with it’s Scottish dragon!!!

We tasted Spanish food in DT, I liked the Machego cheese because it just tasted like Cheddar, but the olives were disgusting, it was wierd. They left a taste in your mouth so it was like:

  • Minute one: Mmm, quite nice.
  • Minute two: It’s not as nice as I thought.
  • Minute three: Urgh, it’s discusting!
  • Minute four: I feel sick!

The Frittata was wierd, it didn’t taste of anything, but it’s texture was eggy, it was burning hot as well. The bread just tasted like french bagguette.

I’ve discovered what fun baking can be! After making little biscuit men all by my self, so today I tried somthing more adventurous, shortbread!

Unfortunately the book didn’t think that it was important to mention whether or not your dough was supposed to be crumbly or hard.

Still it actually tasted pretty good, bit floury, but nice.



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