The stressful world of politics 2

Mr Rock, or wood work teacher and the year seven head of year told us that we only had 30 to 15 seconds to read out our speeches! So I have to re-write my speech, I’ve decided to come up with some issues that really speak to the pupils, so that every one knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Here are a few:

  1. Bullying on the Bus. In school we’re guarded by teachers, at home parents look after us, so most bullying happens on buses, I think that the national anti bullying week or what ever is coming up soon, so thinking up away to stop bullying on buses would be a great idea to celebrate.
  2. Staying inside. I know we’re not supposed to go inside during breaktime because the dinner ladies won’t be able to watch us, but most of the dinner ladies spent their time wandering the corridors checking that there is nobody inside any way. If the library’s closed, why can’t I wait in there.
  3. Class pets. Every class would love the idea of a pet, preferably one that isn’t like the chickens, (they’re lovely but you hardly ever see them) or Mr Mcintosh’s cats (same as with the chickens) but a mouse or a rabbit of something. Maybe we should get a rat, too many people are scared of rats, they are cute intelligent creatures. In year 5 when I spent some time as a class rep, I was asked to suggest the idea of a class pet, the teacher said I’d have to ask the school council, but when I asked the school council said to ask the teacher.

One of the reasons I’m so desperate to do this is the fact that class rep is a rubbish position, nobody explained that I was supposed to tell the year reps anything my class asked, so I just felt like I was letting them down.

I’m even thinking of getting myself a party. All poloticians have one, the labour party, the republican party, the monster raving loony party.  I’ve worked out something deep and psycological:

Idea one:

I make a joke, nobody laughs, I ask or hands to be raised if you agree with this, nobody raises their hands, at the end nobody realises that I’ve finished and therefore pauses before clapping.

I look slightly foolish.

Idea 2:

I make a joke, some ‘plants’ I’ve placed in the audience start laughing and soon everybody does, I ask for hands to be raised if you agree with this, my plants raise their hands and the other pupils follow (note: this only works if your audience actually agrees with you in the first place) my plants know exactly when I’ve finishedand use tactics so that I get a roaring aplause.

I know Idea 1 is very unlikely, but it would probably intimidate the other candidates if idea 2 happened! The problem with getting a party is that it is very difficult to arrange people, what if a spy somehow got in? And plus I’m not sure if it’s allowed.



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