The stressful world of politics.

Every year at around this tie I start my political career. I write speeches, usually they have big thoughts and campainghs, things that seem to stand up for the common pupil. Of course, if I do get in, I’ll need to make an entrance, pass a law, that sort of thing. I’ve decided on a suggestion box, though that may defeat the purpose of class reps, so perhaps instead I’ll work on something small, but easily noticed. My show campainghs may get me voted in, but are nearly impossible to pass, one of them is just expanding on an ordinary concept (less/more fun homework! We actually do a lot of fun homework at my school, but having a lot of it makes it difficult to remember! Some of our homework is unnessessary! Like take the RE homework I failed to do: write a couple of sentences about how our families are enviromentally friendly, I can’t help thinking, is it worth doing?

My other campaingh is really good though. Difficult but good. Let’s put it like this:

Imagine that you’ve been told to run around an endless field for ages. Meanwhile there is a very ‘fit’ person sat on a chair with their feet up watching you and recording how many laps you are doing. That’s what it is like during cross country at school. Now I think that, that’s unfair, the teachers are better at this than us, let them do some work!


PS I got a gift voucher from Uncle Harry. He e-mailed it to me. It’s for £20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can’t wait to spend it! Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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