A shopping trip!

Today I went shopping for my birthday feast! We plan to have the best bash ever!!! We have sausage rolls, chips, not ham, vegetarian bacon, lots of sweets and much more!

We also got a note-book to use in English, it’s quite a funny story.

We had a choice between a soft over and a hard cover book, I chose the hard back because I thought that it would last longer as it would have to survive living in my bag! So I chose the hard-back one, ignoring Dad’s worries about the strength of the little hoops joining it all together.

Then just when Dad was about to pay he dropped the book, and it fell apart! (The little hoops came off!) Dad managed to get seedless grapes as well! No more spitting stones all over the floor, now I can chew them with out biting on a hard bit.

Plus, tommorow we get either cheese strings or baby bells in our lunch boxes!

Heaven, I’m in heaven!



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