Just one week!

In exactly ne week I will be 12!!! I’ve written out a birthday menu for my birthday tea (though Dad said that it might be difficult to find a life-size chocolate elephant and a blue whale made of cheese!) I’ve chosen a few dvds, books and toys and on Tuesday we’re going shopping for birthday food.

Having a birthday can be hard work! (Ha, ha, ha, yeah right!)

So here’s a guide to your perfect party!

  1. In our house everyone gets a present on a birthday (though the birthday child gets more) this is a good way to stop younger siblings having tantrums!
  2. Lists are the way to go! Make a list of presents you want, and if you want a list of foods!
  3. Picking presents can be hard, that’s why this year I’m using a computer to pick my perfect present!
  4. Try and think of nice places to go, use last year for insparation!
  5. Most importantly of all: Completley ignore my advice! It’s your birthday, do things your way!



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