First Day.

I kept getting lost. Lost on the way to the toilets, lost on the way to one of the classrooms. The problem is, nobody really showed us these things, we were supposed to sense them. Sometimes the reasons we got lost were stupid. Like me and some other girls had to go to RE in room 10, I’ve been at this school for two years and I still couldn’t find room 10, it turned out to be Mrs Henry’s room, now if they’d just said, go to Mrs. Henry’s room it would havebeen fine, but instead they gave us a ciriculum telling us to go to room 10. Stupid.

I discovered somthing very depressing. We have to do sports on my birthday, last year we had to do sports on my birthday, the year before I had to do sports on my birthday, I’m beggining to think that they do it on purpose! The PE teachers have a thing about sport, they love it! They love it so much that it’s difficult for them to understand that some people dislike it. I think that they are messing with my brain. Maybe they think that if I always have to do sport on that day when I’m feeling happy, I’ll begin to assosiate sport with happiness. Or maybe it’s some sort of joke, or a punishment for the crime of hating sport. Or (here’s the most unlikely theory of all) maybe it’s a coincidence!!!

Today felt like a tranfer day, not normal at all, maybe I’ll get used to it.

Good Byeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

My birthday’s in 2 weeks, I


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