Hello, Year Seven.

Right, tommorow I’ll move up to year seven, great.

Here are two lists:

Things to not look foward to:

  1. Not having many friends, I fell out with a lot of my friends last year, and I’m going to be in hundreds of different classes, so if I end up in a class where I don’t know anyone and we do partner work I’ll end up bieng with either who ever’s left, or in three. Luckily this isn’t much of a change.
  2. Maths and PE. My two least favourite lessons.#
  3. Bieng in hundreds of different classes, (How will I remember to carry my stuff every where, or find my way around?)
  4. Bieng embarrasingly rubbish at such things as times tables and tying a tie.
  5. Possible residentials (My last residential wasn’t that good, we were told that we could have midnight feasts, but on the first night they kept coming to check up on us, and on the last night, the where every one , or at least all the girls, were planning. Me and my roomate had bought extra sweets in the shop and were planing to have the feast to end all feasts, On that night the teacher stood up and said that midnight feasts were forrbidden because we all needed our sleep!!!) Luckily I don’t think we have a residential in year seven
  6. Bieng in the same school as James.

Things to look forward to:

  1. PLTS week ( pronounced pelts) it’s a week where we all do projects based on Somerset, I think Year 7 run stalls or cook stuff to sell.
  2. The Cafe project. Every year the Year fours of my first school, do this project where they create a cafe in the hall with a french name and they all have to order in french. They also bring in some Year Sevens to act as waiters, the idea is that some of those year sevens might be buddies with the year fours they serve.
  3. English and History, my two favourite subjects.
  4. The school council. I love polotics and always try and run, my aim is to be head of year and bring justice to the council.
  5. Continuing my debating society, and possibly getting some more girls in it (it’s a well known fact that boys don’t mature as quickly as girls, I can buy cheese that is more mature that the boys in my dbating group, I’m not sure how they got in, it’s suppossed to be for kids who are interested in talking about the world around them!)
  6. World Links club, it’s like a charity club.
  7. My birthday, Okay so it’s not a school celebration (though I wish it was) but it is in September.
  8. Getting to sit further back on the bus, finally I can continue my freedom fighting from the inside!
  9. The move. I’m not sure about the actual move, but in two months the estate agents come to take photos! Mum says we can help decorate our rooms. We’re supposed to make it look like we’re amazing, super, dream kids. I thought that I could be the cultured one, James could be the sporty one, and Henry could be the cute, but very advanced for his age one.

So there’s a lot to look forward too!



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