The garden centre.

Today we played Spy on Henry at the garden centre.

After which we played on the swing. We have created several tricks using the swing such as the big and small (one person stands whilst the other sits on his/her feet), or the swing king (a difficult move involving kicking the wall as you start, this is one of the only moves with variations, such as the back kick or the corner kick) and the spinner (when going stick out a limb, this should result in spinning, though another way to achieve this is by doing the wiggler, a less gracefull move involving wiggling your legs up and down), to name just a few.

But James was getting cocky, claiming that his invention the swing king, was the only true trick and that the rest were just sitting on the swing in different positions. So I decided to create some moves that were sitting off the swing in different possitions! So I invented the hanger ( cling onto the top for dear life whilst crossing your legs as you hang off the seat) and the cushion of air (you sit as normal, but with your legs on the seat instead of your bottom, meaning that you half hang off half sit on.)



2 comments on “The garden centre.

  1. Mummy says:

    you forgot to mention that Mummy invented the sit-underneath-Henry move

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