A relaxing day…

I woke up today to the sound of angels singing… Dad was on the phone to guy delivering our new freezer! Later we had the cakes for breakfast and watched telly, I read several books and then we went to the garden centre.

We’ve got several great games we play there. Sometimes we play ‘Spy on Henry’ where we run about spying on Henry and trying to make sure he doesn’t spot us and chase us. It may sound simple, but involves a lot of runnimg and hiding, me and James have even got a secret code made up of animal calls.

When that gets boring we play ‘Run away from the swing’ a complex game where we run away from the swing ,(Note: This is no ordinary swing. It is one of those mini zip-wire thingies) the great thing about this is that it doesn’t matter if someone beats us to the swing. Here’s how we deal with it:

  1. We always stand by the side of the swing, never in front of it. If we stand in front of it the swing user often refuses to go until we’re out of the way.
  2. When the swinger starts swinging we jump in front and run like giant hares!
  3. Play again and again and again, until you get bored, or have to go home.

If we get bored off that we draw on the truck. At the garden centre there is: some ordinary play equipment, the zip-wire done up to look like a sunken ship, the life-sized pirate ship complete with a cabin, a crowsnest, some rigging, and even a plank (though they’ve blocked it off so you have to climb over this bit of wood to jump off it) and a massive, blue truck! Totally unrelated to everything else, it floats in a barky sea. So we draw on it! Not with carvings or spray paint you understand, no we use bleach, only joking, we actually use bark. Carefully piled and lined up to create a picture, today me and James had an argument about what to draw. As it was the garden centre I wanted to draw a leaf, James on the other hand wanted to draw a swastika. I finally managed to explain that we couldn’t draw a swastika on a piece of children’s play equipment, so he eventually agreed with me. Even though I say it myself (it was my idea and I did do most of the drawing) that leaf looked pretty good. After that we went home and washed my Dad’s car for a pound each (Henry only did half the work yet he got the same amount of money) and went inside to have spaghetti for tea, after which we sat and watched telly, had a few more cakes, fought with Henry and eventually went to bed with something from ACSB (Aunty Carrie’s sweetie bag, every time they visit , Aunty Carrie and Grandad bring loads of sweets) tommorow we’re going to the Roman baths, in Bath.

Life Is Good.

Farewell Sweet Friends!


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