Somthing tasty this way comes…


 I didn’t eat much this morning, I felt ill, and I was actually sick. But I made up for it in the afternoon!

Mum put me in charge of my little brothers making choc-chip muffins! If anyone wants to make these at home, heres how you do it:

You Will Need:

1 packet of sponge cake mix.

1 packet of chocolate buttons (if you don’t have chocolate buttons you can just break up a chocolate bar).

1 medium egg.

1 spoon.

1 whisk (Note. If you have an electric whisk then you don’t need the spoon or whisk, just use a low setting for the spoon and a high setting for the whisk).

90ml of water.

Several cup cake cases and 2 cup cake baking trays (the  packet is supposed to make one sponge cake or twelve cup cakes, but quite often you can get more out of it).

Several decorations, eg. Icing, silver balls, leftover chocolate

buttons, hundreds and thousands, smarties, ect. (Optional.)


  1. Follow the instructions on the back of the sponge mix packet.
  2. Break up your chocolate buttons of chocolate bars (Note. If you’re using buttons then you don’t have to break them all up, you can just put a few whole ones in. Also it’s best to save afew for decorating.)
  3. Go back to following the instructions on the back of the packet.
  4. Cook them (see step one).
  5. Wait until they’ve cooled and then decorate them!

Here’s a picture of one I made earlier:


Mmm… A tasty treat.


We also made pineapple jelly!

Making jelly is simple, here’s how you do it:


You Will Need:






Some pinapple chunks.






2. Measure the water in the jug and stir.


3. Put the pinapple chunks in a bowl.

4. Pour the pinappley water on top the chunks.


5. Put in the fridge for ages until ruffly solid, put a plate on top of the bowl and

turn upside down.


6. Eat it.



Here’s a picture of one I made earlier:





Yum, yum! A delicous dessert!


Eyb Eyb!




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  1. Sorry about this. My post seems to have gone wrong. The pictures and some of the words are missing! Must have been a technical glitch.

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