My obbsession with a talking gorilla.

Konichiwa, Bonjour, iHola! and Hello.

Right today we went to another park and had more chips! (Henry couldn’t finish his they’re still in the fridge).

Now to talk about my obbsession with a talking gorilla. Well more a signing one. Koko is a forty year old western lowland gorilla she is an amazing breakthrough in inter-species communication as she has been taught ASL (american sign language.) I’ve often wondered whether Dr Penny Patterson (her teacher and ‘mother figure’) has considered switching roles and getting Koko to teach her gorilla language.

There are loads of videos of Koko on youtube and on her official site, it’s really funny when Koko is on youtube, because people comment. Most of them say somthing along the lines of “poor Koko, she’s probably bieng abused.” Yeah right!

‘Poor’ Koko lives in a luxury trailer with loads of toys and a TV, she enjoys the company of Ndume (a silver back, Koko picked him out of a video full of male gorillas to be the one she wanted to mate with) and once ate a small choclate alligator full of nuts, after a meal that she had dictated the menu to, and several choices of drink including non-alcaholic champange! (It was her birthday.) 

James was amazed when he heard all this and wished he couldbe a gorilla! So anyone who belives that Koko is unluckyshould check their facts.

American Sign Language


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