Funimals we saw at the zoo.

Today we went to the zoo.

We had chips in the car for lunch and saw loads of animals!

From Armadillo, to Legadillo, plus some dinosaurs from A-Rex, to T-Rex, to Z-Rex. We saw flamingstops and flamingos, we saw penguins and pengloses, crickets and tennises.

We saw monkeys, that opened monklocks, lemurs with their lemfurs, tortoises bieng played with in torgameses and lions opposite truthons.

We failed to spot the aye-ayes, aye-noses, aye-mouths all atached to aye-faces, on aye-heads, on aye-bodies, of aye-people, all listening to their I-pods.We could hear the buzzing of flies, walks and swims, sadly there were no tigrrs or tigpurrs, no dolphins or dolflippers, no whales or laughs. There were even more dino’s, like triceratops, tricerasides and tricerabottoms and ‘allosauruses and goodbyesauruses. The dark house had sandcats, and sand mice living in sand castles, naked mole rats and fully clothed mole rats.

All in all a verry interesting day.



(If you think up any funimals of your own please comment with them.)


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