Hi sorry about last night.

Sorry about yesterday, we went to the park and had chips. Today we stayed in and played the greatest prank ever pulled!!!

It all started when James stuck a note on Henry’s back saying:

Kick my bum

I decided to make a sign of my own. But I didn’t stick it to Henry, I went one step further.

I made a small sign with a picture of a target on it and wrote:

Try and kick the target.

Then I stuck it on his bum. It’s still there, neither Mum, nor Dad have noticed!

Me and the boys started making a part animation, part real-people film about a little boy who had an adventure in the land of Dreamworld with some toy animal friends!

Henry made such a fuss about it! First he insisted that he should play the little boy, me and James tried and tried to explain that he had lost the audition, but in the end he got what he wanted. Now your thinking, he must have been satisfied then. But no. This time his demand was truly ridiculous!

Here it is:

In the cute play about the little boy flying through Dreamworld with his cuddly toy friends, defeating the evil witch to music from a ‘Appledy Dappledy’s Nursery Rhymes’ CD he wanted to play a drunken maniac!

He ended up bursting into tears over the whole drunken maniac thing! We eventually just told him that the Dad in the play was a drunken maniac secretly. But then he messed around during a rehearsal. So as I was telling him that he’d have to be sensible about this or he’d be fired, James chipped in and said “You’re fired!”

So he was in tears again! He’s such a diva! We ended up shooting the scene in secret while he was in the shower!

We’re going to finish it at the next convenient time.



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