Stuff that happened n the last few days!

  1. I saw a Fox Cub!!! I had parked my bike, James had got there before me, but he was somewhere in the bushes. Two people were standing there, looking excited, and I soon found out why, there, alone, standing out in the open was a FOXCUB!!!!!!! We watched for a while, until I stepped forward and he ran into the bushes! After few minutes James came by and I told him about the foxcub, he wanted to see it, and that was when I discovered, it was still in the bush!!! We could see it through the leaves! So I made those noises that are supposed to attract animals (my Mum does it in zoos, and it often works!) and the little cub slowly, slowly, stuck its head out of the bush! Once it’s whole body was out it stood there for a while as we watched it, until it vanished into a different bush. We waited, but this time it was gone…
  2. Mum and Dad set up the paddling pool and water slide! I think I spoke about the water slide in an earlier post, but the paddling pool is also a great way to cool off. We ended up having a great water-fight with a wet sponge, a water-pistol, and the hose!
  3. At the moment it’s the summer holidays. It is boiling! So we kids need a lot of cool drinks with ice in them, ice-lollies and ice-cream, so imagine our annoyance when, in our hour of need, the freezer broke down!!! A guy came round today to see if he could fix it, but it was too broken, so we’ll have to get a new one.

So that was the three most important things that happened in the last few days.

Bysie bye!


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