Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho! It’s Off To Work We Go!!!!


Today I brought ALL my stuff home from school! All my books (except my year six English books, which are bieng kept as reference for next year, and my maths book,whic got lost and will be given to me tommorow); some old books from year 5 which had already been used for this year, several different reading and writing assessments that were just lying around in one of my folders; some PSHE stuff that was in one of my other folders; my StormBreaker and Wedmore Wildlife Park folders and a load of other stuff.

I managed to get Mr. Maths a card, tommorow there’s no lessons and after this term he’s moving back to Glasgow. My card very nearly didn’t get all the signatures! We had to pass it around the class during lesson time, luckily we were just playing computer games! It went OK, but there were a couple of roadblocks (I don’t know where I got that metaphor from)!

First a girl refused to sighn because I was asking her to! Luckily her friend stepped in and sighned both their names, next we gave it to the other table, telling them to ‘please sighn it and pass it onto the next table when you’re done!’

They got the first part, but they didn’t pass it on, you’d have thought they’d have figured it out! I stared at it, agonised, I even tried to jump up, snatch it, and throw it to the next table. Unfortunately Mr’ Math caught me getting up and asked me where I was going. I told him the first thing that came into my head: That I was stretching my legs!

Eventually I managed to ask the person on the next table who was nearest me to move the card along. Sadly it was Stew Pid who refused. But I wasn’t giving up! With the help of my table I got into contact with Carroline, who passed the card onto the next table. They had a lot more sense, and even hid the card when it seemed likely that Mr. Maths would see it, and once it had fully circulated the classroom I presented it to Mr Maths.

I was slightly dissapoited by his reaction, I’d expected to see tears glinting in his eyes as he made a beautiful, heartfelt speech about how this was the best class he’d ever taught. Still, he seemed to like it! For the remaining minutes of class he showed us the clip of him bungee jumping, and yelling “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!”

Bi Bi C U 2moz (bye, bye, see you tommorow)




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