Au Revoir!

Au revoir! Tommorow I’m off to France! More about that later, first my day!

Mum got the job as Staff Tutor, thanks to me and Dad pretending to interview her, and I deafeted Somerset!

We had Golden Time today, which basically means that if the class is good we get to watch a movie or play outside for a while, but todays Golden time was not fun and games! I was mucking about with the spinny thing (you stand on it and spin it round with your feet whilst trying to keep your balnce) Poppy joined me, and I explained to her why the spinny thing was difficult to turn, (the axle, I think that’s what it’s called, was at  the top, rather than in the middle) this meant that you had to haul it upward and let go, resulting in it spinning round for ages. So Rose was lifting it and, for some reason we decided to hold it like that, then Somerset sat on it. Come on, I’m only human! I bet that 90% of the population would have done the same thing, especially if they didn’t like Somerset.

“Let Go!” I cried, Poppy let go and the log span round, at first it looked like a waste of time, Somerset soon regained her balance, and I looked on dissapointedly for a few seconds, before it span right round one more time and she fell over backwards!!!

Unfortunately Somerset couldn’t take a joke “That’s it.” she said and walked menacingl towards me (completely ignoring Poppy, which is unfair, after all, I just said it, she didn’t have to do it!)

That was how te arguement started. It resulted in Somerset and a few boys playing a game of catch or somthing with my book. In the end Somerset hid in the loo, I got my book back, but the boys heard me talking about Somersets fear, (hey, she’s twice my size! Scaring her is quite an achievement!) They snatched my book again and restarted this bizzare game of piggy in the middle. Soon one of the boys hid where I could never get him, the boys loos.

Seeing chances of getting the book back dissapear,I angrily advanced on a cornered Somerset. Who COWERED into the corner, so in the end I decided it wasn’t worth it.

Every one loved my cake!

Now I must warn you, I don’t think the place we’re staying has Wi-Fi. But I’m going to write my posts on Microsoft Office Word, then with a simply copy and a paste, all will be done!

Until then Bye!


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