Hi, there!

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, nothing much happened any way, sports day was cancelled. I left my PE bag on the bus. Bad News, Worse news, it contained my entire school uniform, even my shoes!

I spent today wearing an old polo neck t-shirt thing (that was something I wore, back in Year 5! Now I wear a bigger one), my tracksuit bottoms and my trainers. We had to do groups in maths for the last two days and yesterday me and Somerset were the last ones, so we had to pair up. Today I finally got Mr. Maths to let me sit somewhere else, after we finished our project and Somerset decided that it would be fun to shower me in saliva! She licked her hand and tried to get me to shake, licked  her finger and tried to touch me, in the end what saved me was when she licked one of her bracelets and tried to get me to give it to Mr. Maths, therefore touching it, when Irefused the waved the thing about, in the end ‘accidentally’ spraying it so it landed on my cheek, after that I got to switch to another place.

We spent most of the afternoon today playing in the churchyard, my Dad had to mow the lawn there, and Mum had a tutorial and needed quiet.




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