Weird Rumours and Spy Gadgets.

First the weird rumours,

At camp when I went on the zip-wire I slipped when I reached the end, (the guy who was supposed to catch anyone who slipped was too busy filming me) now it seems that my oh, so lovely class-mates have been spreading  the word and the story has now become twisted!

People now think that I went on the  zip-wire READING A BOOK (!) and because I wasn’t concentrating I forgot to land!

Next the spy  gadgets we’re   reading ‘Stormbreaker’ in class. We’ve just finished thew chapter where he gets all his gadgets and we had to design one, tomorrow we’re going to do a ‘dragon’s den’ thing with them. So more then.

See ya soon big babboon (no offence intended for any obese babboons out there.)


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