Dogs, birthdays and a paper-weight.

Today we went to Hestercombe.

There was a loose dog wandering around and it seemed to like us a lot. Shame that Alexander didn’t feel the same.

Before we went there we went to the outlet village, Dad wanted to buy Nanna one of those china ladies that she likes, but the shop seemed to have changed. I had the idea of buying her a china cat, because she likes cats, but Dad didn’t think that there were any good ones. So he brought her a nice paper weight with little violets on a yellow field, Nana likes flowers. After Dad had finished paying for it he commented on how the shop had changed, the lady at the till then told him that the shop with all the ladies had moved to next to the carosel! So by then he had payed for the paper-weight! It doesn’t matter though, if we kept buying her more and more ladies then Nana’s house would soon have china ladies coming out of the chimney and spilling into the garden and the street. I’m making her birthday cake, a sponge cake, I should probably check her age so I know how many candles to put on.

Happy birthday to any birthday boys and girls out there!



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