Woof, Woof!

Today wasn’t too exciting, we woke up early to go to see a massive projector. First we dropped Mum off, as she had a tutorial and then we brought some sweets and each had a sandwich for breakfast. We also went to Oxfam and brought a few books for next weeks holiday. Finally we set off. The cave was brilliant, despite the strangeness of going down loads of stairs before coming up in a small cave with a great view of the matchbox cars and ant people. The projector was also amazing, I had expected it to just be a photo, but it moved and everything, you could see birds flying right across the screen!

You could see cars too, and people. And dogs. Henry is terrified of dogs. He even squealed when he saw the one on the projector, when we pointed out that it was a long way below us he just said “What if it’s a high jumping dog!”

The whole place was full of dogs. Later we went to have a picnic lunch in the park, they had this weird ropey place equiptment. The only problem was the hieght.

When desighning your up high play area consisting of a few hanging baskets conected by rope ladders, you should always consider two things:

  1. Accsess, how easy is it for kids to actually get up there?
  2.  User friendliness, are you rope ladders easy to use?

Unfortunately, while I can accept that since everything was made of rope, perhaps it would be impossible to get up there without some difficulty, the only reason I found it annoyiong was that I discovered that the only way to easily get down was from one of the highest baskets, I do find that it spoiled my expierience a little when I discovered that if you are even slightly afraid of hieghts (like me!) you still have difficulty.

The way to cross from one basket to another seems to be this:

  1. Stand up in the basket your in.
  2. Put one stup on the bottom rung of the rope ladder (this only works for going up, I never tried going down.)
  3. Grab hold of the rope holding up the other basket
  4. Step onto the next rung, and the next until you get there.

The problem is that if at this point you are suffering from acrophobia (fear of hieghts) then it is terrifying.

Still, the brothers seemed to enjoy it.

Bye, Bye!




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