Ole Ole Ole Ole, feelin’ hot, hot, hot!

The title of this post is a lie, the longest day has come and gone, and it is very wet.

So it is mildly ironic that today we at the World Links Club are taking part in an advert for our fundraising efforts to give water to people who don’t have it!  The only idea we have so far is my idea that we could film ourselves drinking water with brown food colouring mixed with it.

Everyone kept teasing me about missing my bus stop. Mum says that they like me, and that people take no notice of people they dislike, but actually if the person they dislike does anything funny, then they all notice!

I managed to build a model of a T-rex skeleton, and Dad made his usual comment about how in a few years scientists will discover that T-rex actually had four metre long arms. He even tried to prove it by getting me to lie down on the rug and get up without using my hands, he refused to admit that he could be wrong, even after I succeeded. We generally just point out the existence of kangaroos to him.











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