Today OFSTED visited our school. They came in for science, we were having a competition to see which table could filter the cleanest water, and we did poetry.

I am usually very good at poems, but this was very difficult because Mrs Charcoal said that we couldn’t make it rhyme!

Now I have written some very good non-rhyming poetry, such as One Future, which was basically just like the label on a box, I can’t really remember, but it went something like this:

Special delivery, one future.

Keep away from poachers, pollution and people,

no refunds available, our futures are non-exchangeable,

made on earth.

That was it. Give or take a word or two, but it’s hard to evaluate poetry, especially when it’s not simply the case of finding the right rhyme. We were basically just writing loads of similes and metaphors about what we could see, hear, feel, smell and taste while at Horse-Shoe Woods.

Which meant I had hardly any experience as I normally don’t even read that kind of poem, I prefer funnier stuff.

Amazingly though, I triumphed up against all these obstacles and so far it’s going pretty great!

Speaking of obstacles…

Today, whilst I was sitting next to Lily, reading The Kin by Peter Dickinson, Lily said to me “You just missed your stop!” That’s right I missed it. I ended up getting off with Lily and phoning Dad from her house, but it wasn’t my fault, here’s  few reasons why:

  1. Lily should of  reminded me
  2. Lily wasn’t absorbed in a book, yet she claimed to have never realised that the bus had stopped until it was too late.
  3. Dad said that the bus didn’t stop for that long, which is probably why me and Lily didn’t notice when it stopped.
  4. I’ve been going on the bus for two years and I’ve only missed it once and I’ve only missed it once and I’ve only missed my stop once. (OK maybe this isn’t proof that it wasn’t my fault, but hey, it works! I bet your already blaming someone else!)

Any way, that about sums up the high-lights of my day, accept all the crisps I never ate at camp have vanished! When I asked Dad he said that he didn’t know because he’s been away all week, and that because I have crisps at break I can’t also have a packet in the evening. But what’s the difference between this and having crisps from ACSB (Auntie Carries Sweetie Bag, every time we see Auntie Carrie she gives us a bag full of sweets, chocolate and crisps.)

Strangely my rice-cakes have remained, because they are healthy? I will report more  on the mystery as and if it unfolds.


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